Saturday, April 9, 2011

Civil War quilt - week 15

 This week's block is Fort Sumter.  I loved the symbolism that Barbara Brackman described in her instructions!



sewprimitive karen said...

The fabrics in that block are wonderful!!

Linda_J said...

These blocks are turning out wonderfully, Jeanne with your own personal stamp to the project.

I love that April quilt you showed in the previous post as well. Easy to see why it would be one of your favorites.

Meggie said...

Love, and hugs, for your projectXX

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Nice collection! This week on TV has been a 5 night series on the Civil War. I have watched it off and on and learned alot about it - what a time in our history. I am sure quilting was a sanity saver for many a women during that time. Cheers! Evelyn

Kathy said...

Hey Jeanne,
Those blocks are looking great! I've been collecting each week, but haven't started them. Good job! I'll watch for more to come.


Alice said...

I really like that fabric in the centre block.