Monday, February 28, 2011

One more for February

Whew -- the end of the month snuck up on me, and I got this one done just under the wire!  Finished stitching the binding down during TV last night, and it just came out of the washer/dryer.

A snowball-block quilt has been on my want-to-do list for a loooong time.  My original inspiration was the "Empty Nest" quilt which appeared in Blackbird Designs' Birds of a Feather book, published way back when?  in 2006, maybe.  Anyway, I finally got to it, using springtimey tulip and daffodil colored fabrics.  This will be used on the couch during April.

I think this quilt, and the one I did last month, reflect a swing of the pendulum for me.  I've been up to my ears in one-block-at-a-time sampler quilts for quite a while now (B-a-D), so a single repeating traditional block feels refreshing.



anne bebbington said...

You know Jeanne the simple patterns really do come out well don't they - I love snowball block quilts and this is a lovely colour combination to work it in :)

Cindy said...

Beautiful quilt! I feel inspired!

Helen said...

Absolutely wonderful quilt Jeanne!!!!

I have a snowball PHD somewhere, must dig it out now that I've seen your beautiful quilt.

Today is the first day of Autumn.... hooray! can't wait for some cooler days so I can get a little more sewing done.

Alice said...

What a very striking quilt! I like patterns too, they are so restful to the eye in some odd way.