Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking ahead

This little mat is the first rug-hooking project I ever did, back in 2003.  It isn't really this crooked -- it's just an odd-angle photo.  The winter wallhanging in my 'Looking Back' post the other day was a block from B-a-D. Ha ... it's a RED HOUSE theme :)

I've been thinking about goals and plans for 2011, and I've decided to take the coming year in smaller bites. Since last year's B-a-D project seemed to drag on so endlessly, I'm going to go easier on myself this time and just set monthly goals.  This way I'll feel like I'm accomplishing something sooner.

January's targets include assembling the first block set for the 2011 UFO Challenge, making something 'yellow' for the 2011 Monochromatic Challenge, prepping the first block -- an appliqued eagle -- for the AQOMV project, and getting at least a running start on my wool crazy project.  This list gives me a nice variety of piecing, handwork, and quilting/finishing.

If I keep up with the 2011 UFO Challenge, I'll have a comfort quilt to donate each month, and I'll decrease the number of B-a-D block sets waiting to be completed.   



Suzanne said...

Great goals...looking forward to some wonderful finishes!

Alice said...

You know, I think you are onto something.... baby steps still get you there in the end and don't feel so overwhelming!

Susan Tidwell said...

I enjoyed watching your progress on the block-a-day blog! Great job! You are to be commended for seeing through such a long committment project. Best wishes for the new year and all your projects!