Monday, December 13, 2010

In the works for 2011

Now that I'm done with B-a-D, and am fantasizing about having spare time on my hands :) , I'm starting to look ahead to 2011 projects.

Our fearless Stash Quilts leader, Judy, has organized a UFO of the Month project.  This will be a good way for me to chip away at those B-a-D block sets. (I have no idea why this image is sideways, and I can't turn it.)  She's also going to offer a Color of the Month activity, and that might help me get even more of the block sets turned into quilts.

One of the yahoo quilt groups I belong to will be doing album quilts inspired by this book.  We're going to swap signed friendship blocks to include in our quilts. 

I'm also thinking of working on a wool embroidered crazy quilt, similar to this photo.  Ha, yes I happen to have a whole tote tub full of wool, wouldn't you know it? :)

I have a commission quilt to produce a little later in 2011.  And my guild will be offering a BOM project, and a Challenge Quilt competition, so I'll probably participate in both of those.

This should be PLENTY to keep me busy all year ... but of course I'm easily distracted, so who knows what else I'll jump into?  :)



Alice said...

What fun planning for a new year! I love the look of crazy quilts.

Suzanne said...

So many fun possibilities! I am amazed you (or anyone)could complete a year long B a D project!

Texan said...

Sounds like lots of good projects! I just love crazy quilts, someday I am going to have a go at one!