Thursday, October 7, 2010


We got some pumpkins at the market today, and did a little front-porch decorating.  The afternoon shadows are long, the season is turning.  The aspen and birch trees haven't changed color yet -- last year they were brilliant gold by mid-October.  You can see Tony's wonderful brick walkway in the second photo -- it kept him busy half the summer!

And just when we thought we'd completed the outdoor work for this year, it appears that we need a new roof :(  This is the original one, twenty-five years old, and we had some leaks in the dining room during our last rain.  We'd hoped it would hang in there for another year or so, but two roofers have been out to inspect and give estimates, and it really needs to be replaced.  Patching seems like a bandaid at this point.  With the severe winters we have here, it's probably better to be safe than sorry.  And with a 30-year guarantee on a new roof, we won't have to worry about it again in our lifetime!! 



QuiltingFitzy said...

WOW! Look at the contrast between the sky and the color of your house. What a gem.

The sidewalk looks marvelous, thank you Tony!

Hope you're taking off the shingles that are there, a new roof is worth it's weight!

sewprimitive karen said...

That is the most adorable house.

Anonymous said...

Yes thank you Tony for doing such a beautiful job on the sidewalk. Makes my red house, oh I mean your red house even more beautiful;-)


Alice said...

I just love that red! Too bad about the roof, but like you said, it will be the last time you need to do it... and much better than water damage inside.

Kathie said...

the house is just I would love to be sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee appliquéing my morning away!

black bear cabin said...

you've done such nice work on the house already...and have i mentioned lately how much i LOVE the red?! :) gorgeous! sorry to hear about the roof...but just think how relieved you will be when its done. When we had the metal roof done here we were soooo thrilled! we couldnt work on anything in the house till we got past that! enjoy!

Texan said...

I LOVE your house color! I know I said that when you painted it but wow I just love love love it... Can I ask what brand and color name that is?

You getting a shingle roof? Metal? Metal would look great on your house style. mmm do they do those there? Here you see them a lot.

Such a pretty place you have there!