Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moving right along ...

... or more like trudging right along this week. My dad has been having some health problems, so I've been a bit distracted, but I have managed to keep up with my B-a-Ds. And today I FINISHED yet another color set. Ha, so this makes four sets done recently, waiting to become tops! Add these four sets to the four B-a-Ds I've already completed this year, and I'm finally feeling like I'm beginning to make some good progress -- a year-long project is a veeeerrrrry long project!

I included some yardage at the bottom of this photo that I might use as sashing, setting triangles, borders, whatever.



julieQ said...

I just love those colors! Muted...beautiful...I sure hope your Dad is better soon.

marilyn said...

Great colors, those blocks are really keeping
you busy. Hope that your Dad is feeling
better soon.

Diane said...

hugs for your dad.
love the colors of this one. I just got another set done myself. This is a very long project, but we're hanging in like champs!

Vicky said...

Hope Dad is feeling better really soon. This set is wonderful! Love the go-withs you pulled. It's fabulous that you're sticking with the plan on those daily blocks!