Monday, April 5, 2010


A quiet, rainy, dreary day here. I pieced the latest Friday Block Party challenge in warm colors to brighten the afternoon.

I'm ahead into May with my B-a-D blocks, so those plus the Friday Block Party ones total more than 130 blocks I've pieced already this year! I wish I had 6 or 8 quilts to show for my efforts, but I haven't completed any of the color sets yet.


1. A new blade in my rotary cutter -- why do I let it go soooo long?!
2. Chicken roasting in the oven -- the kitchen smells homey and savory.
3. Robins singing in the rain



Diane said...

I'm in the same boat-a ton of blocks but no quilts yet...there starting to get close tho-exciting!
happy sewing.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors you chose for your block! Robins are so cute. We don't have anything but sparrows and pigeons down below here.

anne bebbington said...

You're so right about rotary cutter blades - you just don't realise blunt it's become until you experience the sheer joy of that first slice with a new one - like a hot knife through butter :o) actually think I might change mine today now you come to mention it

Alice said...

I like your gratitudes. It reminds me to think of my own, and there are so many.

sewprimitive karen said...

Such pretty colors in your block, and I also like your Gratitudes.

AnnieO said...

Gorgeous B-A-D block, love the colors.

We have twice a week Farmer's Markets around here but I never manage to get to either. Must do someday.

I know what you mean about the rotary cutter blade--the ease with which a new one cuts is like butter!