Thursday, February 25, 2010

A very productive week and a BRIGHT quilt

Last week, when I attended my first Busy Bears Guild meeting, I brought home a little surprise bag from their "comfort quilts" fabric stash. I was fascinated by the contents! We all know that fabric that's been donated for charity quilts is bound to be **interesting** and this proved to be no exception :)

The first piece in the bundle was the stripe. Since it was 54" wide, I immediately set it aside for backing -- lovelovelove not having to piece backs! That left me with the plain white and the eye-popping paisley. Hmmmm, the paisley is sooooo bright -- it's one of those prints that makes you wonder why it was even manufactured in the first place, and also why someone purchased it and had it in their stash for umpteen years before deciding to finally donate it.

I decided to go with the flow as far as bright and zany ... let's think sand pails and shovels at the beach, or perhaps carnival costumes. So I added other bright odds and ends, and came up with this. Well, at least it's cheerful, right? haha And a little more of the world's supply of weird fabric has been consumed.

So I got it all done and quilted this week, and the binding will get stitched on while I finish watching the Olympics. I'm ready for next month's meeting!

And while I was layering and pinning and quilting, I also finished Cherry Cordial, and Green Valley, AND an ooooold UFO made from Bonnie Hunter's (no longer available) Carolina Crossroads mystery pattern. Whew! That makes FOUR tops quilted this week!!