Friday, December 18, 2009

Picking up some of the pieces

Don't get me wrong: I love my new life here! But this year has held so many changes, I feel like I've lost my grip on being creative. And I'm ready to change that!

A few days ago, Judy wrote
a thought-provoking post about setting goals for oneself. It got me to pondering about what I had planned to accomplish in 2009, and about what I really got done. Of course this has been an exceptionally busy year, so my lack of creativity is understandable. But more and more lately -- now that life has begun to return to a level of normalcy -- I catch myself drifting unthethered in needle-and-thread-dreamland. I could make this quilt, or that one, or that one. I could start any number of cross-stitch projects. I could get going on a rug hooking adventure, or knitting, or ... or ... you get the idea. No goals, no direction: just lots of disconnected wishful thinking, and not much at all getting done. I am working very slowly on my Mountain Home Sampler project, but that's it.

Remember back in January when I set out to do the Block-a-Day series? And also to participate in the weekly Friday Block Party? All the pieces of those intentions got stuffed into tubs and bags when life began to change last spring. A HUGE load of unfinished business has been lurking in the back of my mind ever since. I'm a little leery about sticking my neck out and making the commitment, but I've decided to loop back around and undertake both of those challenges (again) in 2010. I think doing so will give me focus, and structure, and specific goals to meet, and also -- hopefully -- a sense of completion.

I've begun rounding up all those scattered pieces from early in the year, and getting myself organized to start again. Look at this collection of B-a-D bags -- plenty to keep me busy here!
And to get the ball rolling again at Friday Block Party, I'm jumping back in with Week 50, Double Hourglass, and will take it from there.
I should end up with several nice sampler quilts as 2010 goes along, and also a renewed sense of direction. And I'll feel more free to start something new once I put some of this old unfinished stuff to rest. Stay tuned!


1. The lovely sounds the chickadees make at the feeders -- they have such soft pretty voices
2. Feeling organized and purposeful for a change :)
3. A happy cheerful phone conversation with Nick -- he and Stacey received their gift package