Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A finish!!

Shoofly Pie is done!!! I haven't completed a queen-size quilt in more than a year. (Ha, in fact the only thing I've completed at all in the past six months was Squaredance ...) The quilting took almost forever on this, and handstitching the binding down seemed endless. I guess I'd forgotten how much bigger queen-size is than lap-size :)

Meanwhile, the house is returning to it's normal state of fairly-clean. And the Halloween stuff is put away. And I dusted the apples and finished the applesauce -- peeling hundreds of apples seemed never-ending, too. I need to get an apple-peeler-gadget for next fall!

My Christmas star blocks are coming along. And Judy's started offering the directions for Morning Splash, her latest Quilt-for-an-hour project. It's a beauty! I'm going to make it, but smaller than hers, so I need to do some calculating first.

Thanks for all the nice feed back about my Mountain Home Sampler. It's an ambitious undertaking, but I'm excited about it. I thought keeping all those posts on a separate blog would allow me to have a record of the entire project, not just sprinkles here and there among the every-day blog stuff.