Thursday, September 17, 2009

Umm, what day is it? Thursday?

Elvie and Jess waiting patiently for their toast crusts

Aaaah, just when I thought I'd decided NOT to attempt an October quilt, Judy offered a quick, easy, new Quilt-for-an-Hour project. (No triangles!) Of course I immediately scurried upstairs and pulled out a heap of Halloween fabrics ...

I did get the final three big blocks from yesterday's project pieced this afternoon, and plan to trim them all square this evening. Maybe I'll even cut sashing strips.


1. The new Just Cross Stitch magazine came: corners already turned down on the pages for several appealing Christmas ornaments. (But of course this is the same thing I said about the Halloween issue which is still sitting in the magazine basket, waiting for me.)
2. A crisp juicy apple
3. Watching squirrel acrobatics from the sunroom windows during supper

September afternoon - the shadows are getting longer as the days get shorter



Anonymous said...

I just love your house! I am ready for the cooler autumn months to arrive myself. Are you ready for when you guys get snow up there?

sewprimitive karen said...

Love your house. Just think of the snow pictures to come. Wish I could do Judy's quilt but it will be fun to see yours in Halloween fabrics.

anne bebbington said...

How wonderful to be able to watch the squirrels from your table - love the Hour a Day design you've decided to work on - might even give that a go myself - anything without triangles is always a bonus for me :o)

Meggie said...

It does seem strange to realise our shadows are getting subtly shorter, & the sunlight hours are getting longer!
Your house looks so picturesque!