Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A quick visit

Another busy day!

Dave and Jessica and Frankie came up for the day. We all had a nice pizza lunch with Mother, and (strong) Dave moved some furniture for her.

From there, we dropped in on Father so they could see his new place for the first time. Then D and J went to the village to do a little browsing, while we enjoyed
playing with Frankie, who is as manic as ever.

We ended up here, and The Guys finally got our TV hung up in the family room -- it's been perched precariously on an end table for almost three months. It turned out to be a long involved tool-time project, requiring braces in the wall studs and much collaboration. (Yes, the family room is dark pine green -- another of the intense wall colors we inherited here. )

I LOVE seein' my kiddos!


1. Oatmeal cookies
2. Crickets chirping in the dark
3. A lovely day to add to our memory treasure chest



marilyn said...

That sure sounds like one busy day....the same
thing happened with our TV sat for a while
until someone could help. Your Mom and Dad
must be settling into their new places by now.
I'm sure they are happy being closer to you.

anne bebbington said...

It's sure gonna take some coats of paint to cover up that green - lovely if you like it but incredibly intense if you don't

How nice for all three generations (plus pup) to spend time together

Meggie said...

Love this post!! The wee dog is to die for!!