Friday, September 25, 2009


This week has just flown by -- wasn't it just Monday?!

I am keeping up with Judy's Hour-a-Day project, and it's going great! Log cabin style blocks, which are my all-time favorite quilt block, and I'm pleased with the autumn colors I'm using. My background is a cute toile-style pumpkin print that has been aging in my stash for years.

I'm also more than halfway finished quilting Shoofly Pie. Whew, I haven't quilted a queen-size project in a year or so. I'd forgotten how much work it is to wrestle a big one through the sewing machine!

Look what was waiting at the post office for me yesterday!
One hundred - count 'em! - fat quarters from Homestead Hearth. They had a web special last weekend that I couldn't resist. I haven't done any fabric acquisition aaaalllllll summer, so I figured I was due. These are assortments of plaids and 1800s repros, neither of which are available here at the LQS. I'm set for winter sewing season now, I think.

We've been busy all week doing some fall planting. We put in six new trees -two oaks, two apples, a pear and a crabapple - and a lilac hedge, and a few other assorted bushes. Can't wait till everything starts growing! The side yard off the porch will be especially nice, our own little orchard someday.