Friday, September 4, 2009


We got a couple of really nice garage sale pieces today!

The bench will be used near the front door. The seat opens for storage. I'm thinking I need to whip up a cross-stitched pillow or a small quilt to accessorize it. (haha) The rocker is in the front (sitting) room. It probably wants a seat cushion, too.

I really enjoy odd one-of-a-kind pieces like these. I guess I'd describe my decorating style as vintage-eclectic, which gives me a wide-open field -- anything goes, right? Tomorrow is the Peddler's Mart (flea market) at the Elk's Lodge, so maybe I'll discover more treasures.

AND ... this weekend Busy Bears, the local quilt guild, is holding their annual show. I'm planning to go and browse and get a feel for the group. I've been guildless for quite a few years (too many Quilt Police in the one I belonged to in the past.) But joining this group would be a good way to connect with some new friends. I'm optimistic but cautious. Stay tuned for the full report :)

AND ... the Bighorn Mountain Men are staging their Holcomb Valley Rendezvous encampment on the other side of the lake all weekend -- another interesting event that we're going to try to attend. Who knew that retirement would be so much fun?!

Yes, that old guy at the Farmers Market represented the two canines as full wolves. But he was kind of odd himself, and was definitely trying make an impression, so who knows? In any case, the animals were both beautiful, and seemed calm and tame even there in public among strangers. (Ha, maybe we'll run across him and the wolves at the Rendezvous?)


1. Parisian Almond Creme Coffeemate
2. Tony has taken to doing the dishes as one of his new retirement activities (!!!)
3. Coyotes howling at the bright full moon. They live up on the bluff at the end of our road, and trot past regularly.



Sue said...

I think the chair needs a throw for the back of it as well. Really glad to see you are settling in. Where you are now looks stunning!

Elaine Adair said...

You've got some pretty classy garage sales in your neighborhood! Both of those pieces are incredible, especially since they look like what I would buy also!

Barbara C said...

What lucky garage sale finds. Those are two beautiful pieces.

AnnieO said...

Great finds! That bench is compact and looks terrific for an entryway piece, and the rocking chair is ample. I do agree, both are a little naked :)

So many adventures yet to come for you both on the mountains. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Lovely - just lovely. I miss our coyotes now that we live in town. One time I saw one dancing on his back feet on the hillside behind our old house.