Friday, August 7, 2009


It's August, so that means blackberry scones for breakfast! (See also here and here.)

We were discombobulated for quite a while, and I'm happy that I can finally resume my regular spiral of seasonal foods and decorations. It pleases me to enjoy the goodness of nature as I celebrate the ordinary days of the year.

Autumn is whispering in my ear. It's chilly here -- down into the 40s last night! And the local kids started back to school this week; this is a year-round district so it's their fall quarter already. We're on the bus stop corner, and I see the kids load up every morning. It's put me in mind of my boys' school days, and farther back, my own.

This assortment of leftover bits and pieces came out of my 'orphan' basket. Maybe they'll turn into a September sampler of some sort :)



Piecefulafternoon said...

Those colors are great - just the thing for fall. Every year I say I will make a fall quilt and so far I haven't. I guess I prefer the other seasons to fall so my quilts tend that way. The scones look yummy.

anne bebbington said...

That discombobulation has lasted a while Jeanne - since you started the remodel of the old house - so nice to see you getting back into your spiral of routines

black bear cabin said...

cant wait to see what those orphan blocks become...i LOVE Fall...its definitely inspiration for quilting, and i love Fall colors, so a new quilt for Autumn sounds great :)

Texan said...

I am ready for a bit of fall :O)...we have been really hot this summer (nothing new for Texas)we still are really hot over 100 every day this week. With some wicked hummidity to go with it! Again East Texas in summer, its just what you expect :O)... but fall is very nice here and I always love when it arrives!!! I have been eyeing a few fall oriented quilting projects myself!Love the colors for those projects!
Can't wait to see what your orphans become! I know what ever it is will be wonderful!

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh I wish we were in the 40s here; the terrible heat has really set in. Your scones are beautiful.

Meggie said...

I like to eat the fruits & vegetables in their seasons too! Of course these days they are available all year round, but somehow, they seem better in season.

Frog Quilter said...

I wish my orphan bin was only the amount you showed. I am steadily sewing Love Quilts with all the pieces. You'll love using your imagination to put all the pieces together.