Thursday, October 11, 2018

Oh My Stars!

Next up in my cavalcade of UFOs will be 
this Christmas quilt, Oh My Stars! 

I pulled out the project box this morning and was pleasantly surprised to discover that in addition to this already-assembled section, I have at least two dozen more stars are already pieced.  I last worked on this during the summer of 2017, and didn't remember having so much sewn.  I knew I'd cut it all at that time, but apparently I'd spent more effort on it than I realized before putting it away. (!!)  Ha, so only a hundred-plus more star blocks to go, and then assembly and finishing.

The original inspiration has been in my idea file since maybe 2012 or so, as a sew-along called "Oh My Stars!"  Maybe this will be its year :)

Strawberry Patches and Linda P … I'd be delighted if you'd email me directly.  I can't reply to either of you.