Sunday, February 15, 2015

Block of the Month

Another project!  This year my guild is participating in the Block of the Month activity being offered by Monica's Quilt and Bead Creations in Palm Desert. The series began in January, but I was preoccupied with family matters
 at that time.

The finished project will be a large traditional pieced quilt and I've been working to catch up.  Of course I was able to pull more than enough fabric from my stash -- won't need to purchase a thing.  Ha: so an **extra** queen-size quilt will be happening here, one that wasn't even on the year's agenda!  Anyway, I now have both January's and February's blocks completed. So far, so good -- I think it's going to be nice.  Whew.
I'm getting such a lot of sewing done these days.  Because the need had increased gradually, I hadn't realized just how much time and energy I was spending as caregiver for both parents.  Shifted gears, and definitely into a new phase here!


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CecileD said...

Oooooh I love it and yours is so amazing !!!!
But I didn't see the January block...I'm late !!! :((
Hugs !