Monday, January 7, 2013

Good mail!

I ordered several used books about vintage quilts and quilt history last week, and the first two came today.

I'm especially excited to receive the one about quilts at the 1933 World's Fair.  That Fair took place in Chicago, where I grew up.  My grandfather, an electrician, was the supervisor of the Western Union installation at the Fair, and my dad as a young boy went with his father to work at the Fair regularly. Dad still has detailed memories of being at the Fair, eighty years later, and he'll enjoy looking at this book too :)


Auntie Em said...

I've always been fascinated by the stories of the quilt contest from the 1933 World's Fair. So interesting that your dad and grandfather have a personal connection.

I was fortunate enough to hear Marikay Waldvogel give a presentation about the 1933 quilts, and I came home with the book. Enjoy it!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I think those world fairs, back then, were very special! My Nana drove my Dad and uncle to the World Fair 1939 in New York (from the Boston area!). My Dad was 11. He has such good memories of going and all the stuff they saw. I wonder if kids minds are on such information overload that they would not remember a similar trip in this day and age. Enjoy your books! Cheers! Evelyn

Andee said...

Very cool about the World's Fair...I have blogged about it too! My grandfather went too and we have a coinpouch from it. if you want to read my post! Do tell us more about your book!