Monday, December 17, 2012

Wish-to-do list

I ran across an appealing activity today at Barbara's Cat Patches.  She's organizing a 2013 NewFO Challenge, where we are encouraged to at least START a new project each month -- with no expectations about finishing them.  I don't have very many UFOs, so this might be a good opportunity for me to create a few :)

Possible new starts for me next year might include:

Jan -    Valentine quilt for DIL Jess based in this block:

Feb -   Woodland Clover in scrappy greens, just like these blocks by Pat Speth in More Nickel Quilts:


Mar -  Calico Garden by Florence Peto (applique)
Apr -   Independence Day Strings - Jess
May -  Apples + Cores 30s
June -    berries?         
July -   Lincoln’s Watch by Bonnie Blue/Red Crinoline Quilts (Nov queen)
Aug -   String Tulips (piecing + applique)
Sept -    7 Rail - leftover fabrics from Lincoln's Watch (Nov lap):

Oct -   log cabin - Christmas
Nov -   Delectable Mountains - Kismet
Dec -   red + white

Well, lots of interesting ideas anyway, and no pressure to get them all done! I should be able to manage the pieced projects, but the two involving applique will be a whole 'nother level of challenge for me.  I am the world's most inept applique-er.  Sigh.  Maybe 2013 will be the year that I improve that ... 



Barbara said...

Great list of projects. Now I'm ready to see them in action! Thanks for linking up.

Angie said...

Well this is a novel twist---to have 'newfo's . :) I bet I could easily do the 'starting' at the beginning of each month, the problem would be which year they would be slated for finish. LOL

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Welcome to the fun and you have a lovely list of projects.

LynCC said...

Hey, that Lincoln's Watch sounds fascinating. 'specially since I'm finishing a master's level history class on Lincoln. :)

Anonymous said...

I have way too many UFOs so won't do this challenge but I do find that while I love applique, they stump me and I get bored I think. Next year I think I'll try and finish at least the pieced tops and at least 2 appliques. Wish me luck! It will be interesting to see how many of these you do - there is a very nice variety of projects there.

Gisele said...

Lovely variety of projects there Jeanne...hmmmm....Independence Day strings, String Tulips and the 7 rail from your list is also tempting me, can I alter my list? lol