Thursday, August 26, 2010


Soooo ... the Busy Bears Quilt Guild's annual show is coming up in a couple of weeks, and all summer I've been feeling **quite a bit** of social pressure to make something to be sold in the boutique.  (Some of these ladies are REALLY into the boutique, let me tell ya!!) 

Aaaah, this was a puzzle for me!  First of all, I've never sold any quilted items before: I either gift them, or donate them, or keep them to use myself.  And second: since I'm new to the guild, I have no knowledge about what has successfully sold in the past, and what the pricing range was.

I decided to make up a few log cabin runners using strips from my scrap bin and leftover batting pieces -- I was reluctant to buy any new fabric or supplies for something I'm not sure will sell.  Sort of an "it is what it is" effort, but at least now I have something to put in the boutique!  Next year, after I experience this year's show and sale, I'll have a better idea of what to expect in general.  Just trying fulfill the expectation and be a team player this time :)

And now I can get back to Punky Doodle!


1.  Nice soaking rainshowers the past couple of days giving the forest a drink
2.  Pasta dinner at Paoli's -- yum!
3.  Sitting on the front porch listening to the crickets (summer is waning --it's getting dark earlier!)