Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday already

Whew -- I just blinked my eyes and almost a week has gone by! Keeping busy as usual: I finished assembling my Christmas stars top and it's ready for layering. Meanwhile, I've been doing some quick-and-easy strip piecing. I need another couch throw. Elvie's a nest-digger, and he's hard on the furniture :)

I'm continuing to make steady progress on my sampler blocks, too. I like the hand piecing more than I expected to. It's accurate, and surprisingly quick. The template cutting takes longer than piecing the block.

And I'm finally gearing up to start on Judy's lovely quilt-for-an-hour project, Morning Splash. I'm only two weeks behind -- better late than never!


1. The aroma of coffee brewing first thing in the morning
2. The late afternoon sun sparkling on the lake
3. Orion rising high over the poplars