Friday, January 2, 2015

Off to a slow start ...

Usually I end an old year and jump into the new one with conviction and anticipation.  But this past year was different -- my mom passed away quite suddenly, and my dad has been in hospice care for a while now.  So it's been challenging for me this season to find closure.  And while I do have inspirations and ideas for the coming year, I'm afraid that as soon as I get rolling, things will fall apart again.  So I'm doing a "soft opening" for now,  just kind of easing in ...

With that being said, my intentions for January include:

UFO - finish red Alphabe DONE!!
NEW - Austen Album top
RSC - ongoing: Chunky Churns, Birds, Pentland Crackers, log cabins, Greek Cross blocks, mini bow ties
BRACKMAN - new star series, hopefully sew 3 per week
CULTURAL FUSION - still anticipating receiving the book, looking at purple fabrics
SWAPS - mini bow ties, Sunny Lanes, birthday club
COMFORT QUILTS - Habitat for Humanity housewarming DONE!!

And I'll see where January takes me ...


1 comment:

Joanne said...

So sorry to hear about your mom, Jeanne. I must have missed that last year -- I think I'm getting a little scatter-brained the older I get.