Monday, November 7, 2011


A view of the valley after our weekend snow

I've done some more pondering, and I think the problem is that I've let myself get to the point where I'm not working hard enough at blogging any more.  This has become a rather half-hearted activity.  Sigh.  The very-easy solution would be to give up, but maybe what I need to do first is to try putting a little more effort into it :)  So I'm going to attempt, between now and the end of the year, to add a little more liveliness to my blog.  If I don't feel better about it by then, well -- at least I'll have tried ... 

I used write daily.  I used to share recipes and menus and quotes and music and books and photos and links.  I used to reply to comments -- absolutely no excuses here, I just let them go now, which is rude ... sorry!  I used to try harder, really.

OK, enough blithering.  To get the ball rolling, here's an interesting recipe site.  I've found some good ones here!  I plan to try today's recipe, the Sweet Potato Bisque, later this week.


1.  Brilliant blue skies
2.  Breakfast at Grizzly Manor today, a "locals" favorite - biscuits and gravy!!!  
3.  Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale
4.  The aroma of woodsmoke around the neighborhood -- chilly nights mean lots of fireplaces keeping us all cozy :)



merrily row said...

Thank you for the food link. And I was glad to hear the name Grizzly Manor. My in-laws took us there several times.

Enjoy your blog!

Sharon said...

I'm glad you are sticking with your blog for the moment. I understand though-blogging is a big commitment and takes alot of energy. I'm looking forward to your posts and send good thought for whatever becomes you decision at the end of the year :)

Bonnie said...

It is hard to post every day. Please don't give up though. Even a post now and then let's me know that my friend Jeanne is doing OK - full of gratitudes, wonderful quilt ideas, taking care of her husband and father, and enjoying her very special dogs.

Diane said...

I just discovered Esra's Pound Cake site a few days ago, lot's a good stuff cooking over there!