Thursday, October 6, 2011


Our first snow of the season!  We had a cold blustery storm pass through yesterday, and woke to this very-early-in-the-season surprise this morning. It will melt off as soon as the sun comes up.  Whew -- wasn't it just summer a few minutes ago?

I've settled into a slower pace of life for now.  The daily round of assisting Dad doesn't leave me with much time for leisure activities -- I'm finding it hard to concentrate on anything creative.  We talk about him getting well enough to go back to his own home, but truth be told I kind of doubt it.  His heart is bad and he doesn't seem to have the strength to get past the broken hip and begin caring for himself again.  Sigh.

Because the house is disarranged due to his presence, I'm not inspired to work on quilts to use for decorating here at home. I feel like I should be working on a Christmas quilt or two, but can't seem to settle on anything.  I am keeping a Comfort Quilt project spread out on my worktable, and when I have a chance I chip away at it ... but that's basically just a time-filler, not a real project.  I guess I'm in a slump :(