Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Inching along at a snail's pace ... the sixteen blocks are finally sewn together. That only took two weeks. Now I'm thinking about borders. I'll need to dig through the green stash, I think, for something similar to the small 'leaf' triangles. (Of course I don't have any more of that fabric bundled in with this project, and it was a UFO from more than a year ago.)

Meanwhile, I'm beginning to feel the urge for an autumny quilt project :)


1. A ripe sweet juicy plum
2. The dazzing full moon -- we're at 7000 feet elevation, and the air is amazingly clear here.
3. Mellow days and cool comfortable nights



anne bebbington said...

7000 feet - that's quite a thought for someone from the UK - over here the highest you can get is Ben Nevis in Scotland at just over 4000 feet and that entails getting to the top of a 'mountain'

Really liking the berries - a green/deep burgundy sawtooth border followed by a wider scrappy berry colours say piano keys or postage stamps would be great and then a green binding to complete the picture - listen to me teaching a quilting metaphorical grandmother how to suck eggs :o))))

Sara said...

Yes, Jeanne, I can see we are working on the same mystery! I have laid mine out on my bed, and there isn't enough background between the blocks for me. The blocks are not discrete, kinda "mushy". Yours looks better because your blocks are more "solid". I think I am going to have to use some coping/sashing at intervals to separate the blocks a little more.

Oh, well, it's making it "My Way".

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

At high elevations it is especially important to wear sunscreen and sunglasses! After my DH read me an article about mountain sheep going blind in Chili, I especially make sure that my son wears his sunglasses as he has many more years ahead of him to sun exposure than me! Glad to see you getting settled in to your new home and back to some of your comforting routines!

Anonymous said...