Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And the UFOs continue ...

Up next on my UFO clean-up list is the Christmas dresden plate project I started last September.

In six months I've only managed to applique three blocks -- what's up with that?  Time to get going, since all the blades and background pieces were already cut!  I sewed the tops of the blades this morning.  I'm only planning to make twelve blocks all together, so it really isn't a terribly challenging UFO.  It's going to be done for this next Christmas for sure!

I ran across this at the website of one of our local realtors:
a nice video about Big Bear Lake
It really is this pretty here -- feels like we're always on vacation!



Marilyn said...

That video was beautiful, looks like you guys have
found a little slice of heaven.

Angie said...

And it's going to be gorgeous.