Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Block talk

Taa-daa! I've worked far enough ahead on the B-a-D calendar that I got to the final block in the rose and green set! This group will need some filler pieces to bulk it up to quilt size, but it's fun to finally be at the "moving along" stage with one of these color combos!

Last night at guild, we had a block swap, and I came home with this nice collection of patriotic blocks. I'm thinking of expanding the group with some simple alternating blocks. Hopefully I'll get this assembled in time for the summer red-white-and-blue holiday season -- maybe as a lap quilt for the rocker on the front porch?


I forgot to share a picture of my completed Wizard quilt last week. It doesn't show much in this photo, but the quilting is squiggley orange lines. It's another *puffy* project, using the guild's poly batting. I turned it in last night for their comfort quilt collection. I explained about doing the B-a-D challenge, and how I was accumulating such a variety of blocks that will eventually become more comfort quilts. This quilt and my description were well received :)



Alice said...

I am a shameless quilt fan and I just love your blog because you have such beautiful work. Thanks for taking great pictures; they make me wish I knew how to quilt. I thought about learning, but I don't have enough time for the things I already do! So I will get my quilt fix vicariously.

Diane said...

Love the rose and green set-going to be so nice. I like the different reactions I get about the bl-a-days. Most just nod and say 'wow, a block a day'.
one lady said, so how many blocks will you end up with..

Meggie said...

Love all your blocks. I love coming to read of your projects, and your house changes.

julieQ said...

I enjoy your block-a-day blocks! Very pretty, and enough to make a quilt of the pink and greens...lovely! I think it is a great idea to alternate a plain block with the patriotics...maybe just in time for the Fourth?