Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Log Cabin

A completion!  I just finished up this warm-tones log cabin lap robe.  It's a replacement for an older one that the dogs shredded while nest-digging on the loveseat.  They're hard on quilts, but better that than the actual upholstery :)  I like to keep utility quilts like this around the house, not as decoration, but just to "cushion" everyday life.

Log cabins are my favorite blocks.  I have tubs of 1 1/2" strips sorted into lights and darks, and I enjoy just pulling out some out and sewing mindlessly -- no planning for this project, just kept at it until I had enough blocks.

Meanwhile, the big buckeye top has been quilted and is waiting for binding.  Summer is beckoning, though, and I'm finding it harder and harder to concentrate in the sewing room!  I want to be outside, enjoying the sunshine!