Sunday, December 12, 2010


I finally FINISHED piecing my B-a-Ds!!!!!!  That turned out to be a real monkey on my back these past couple of months.  I guess I seriously misjudged both my attention span and my estimate of available time.  I felt like I wasn't ever getting anything completed -- just creating more and more and more blocks/UFOs.  Whew, a year is a long time, and 365 is a LOT of blocks.

So I decided to surge ahead and put a top together using the Shay block set -- all the "don't match anything else" blocks.  Once I had my momentum going, I sprinted onward with layering and quilting, so it's ready for binding this week.  A nice vintage-looking utility quilt -- happy dancing here!!!!!  And there are more than two dozen other block sets waiting to be assembled ...

Life has been extra-busy the past couple of weeks, with a flurry of holiday parties and get-togethers.  This is such a nice neighborhood and community -- life is good.  We're especially looking forward to an upcoming visit with Dave, Jessica, Crazy Frankie and new puppy Cholula.  The Christmas season is such a social, joyful time of year!



sewprimitive karen said...

The quilt is lovely! Merry Christmas, Jeanne!

Alice said...

Wow! Gorgeous... I am so glad to be able to comment because your past few posts didn't have the comment button and silly techno dummy me didn't know how to get around that. I have been enjoying your blog anyway.

Diane said...

woo-hoo your quilt is great!

Kathryn said...

This is beautiful!

I've been so amazed at your B A D project. So many of those blocks have so many tiny pieces and i've been amazed that you've been able to do it.

Kudos! And this quilt turned out absolutely terrific.