Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So how's everybody doing with winter? I see that much of the country is struggling with snow. We had icky snowy sleety weather over the weekend, 4 more inches, and then another 10" of snow last night, bringing our total to well over 100" already this season. (That's almost 9 feet of snow!) It is so awesomely beautiful here! We enjoy sitting in the sunroom watching the birds at the feeders and waiting for the plows to come along the road. Dave, Jessica, and Frankie came up to do some snowboarding -- it's always nice to have them visit, but Frankie is sooooo exhausting. It would be good if he were either less hyper or more housebroken.

I haven't spent much time in my sewing room this past week -- my days are just full of everyday life. I did manage to make up this week's
Friday Block Party challenge:

And I've started working on some border blocks for my stars:

Meanwhile, I'm still plugging away at my B-a-D project. I am working several weeks ahead on it, and the block pile is growing! Looks like I'll will end up with close to 40 different color sets at the end of the year ... lots of donation quilts someday :)



Screen Door said...

Love those green plaids-----;)

loulee said...

I'm loving that blue block.
And I'm loving that we didn't get quite as much snow as you!
Keep warm. xx

Quilts And Pieces said...

I can't help but love that old photo! It is so great. Yes we got a LOT of snow. Mark plowed out our driveway this morning and the bank is taller than me!

AnnieO said...

Great that you're getting lots of sewing time in your snowy neck of the woods. 100" is quite a lot of snow--it will take a long time for all of that to disappear :)