Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, I took the plunge ...

Last night I became a member of the Busy Bears Quilt Guild! I've been on the fence about joining since last fall, and then was able to procrastinate because the meetings were cancelled for the past two months due to weather.

So this month's meeting came up, and on a whim I decided to go and give it a try. It's a little intimidating to walk into a new group cold, not knowing a soul, but it turned out fine. There were about 30 ladies in attendance, and they were friendly and nice. The meeting itself was very predictable -- a cookie cutter copy of the (much larger) guild I belonged to in the past. Door prize raffle, show-and-tell, lending library, block-of-the-month activity, etc. -- all the same elements. Nothing new under the sun, I guess.

The guild does have an active Comfort Quilts program, which is one of the particular things I was interested in -- as my B-a-D projects get completed, I'll have a local place to donate them.

We'll see how things develop as I attend more meetings. Generally, it seemed fine, and it's a way to connect with the community.


Meanwhile, I made up this week's Friday Block Party challenge, Goshen Star. My green block set is sprouting :)

Our weather has been mild and sunny, and the huge snow berms are beginning to melt. They're still huge, but shrinking around the edges.