Monday, February 27, 2017

RSC17 - Yardbirds

I have an RSC completion to report!  I started these bird blocks several years ago, and only did a few before the project got sidelined. As per Angela's RSC challenge, I chose this little UFO bundle, made more birds, and forged ahead to completion this month.

 The bird pattern is from Lynne Taylor at Patchery Menagerie, and she now has it available for purchase HERE, although when I started these blocks it was a free tutorial she was offering.

 The egg fabric, which I've had in my stash for ten or fifteen years, became the color inspiration for finishing the quilt -- the palette actually reminds me of an earlier era: 1970s avocado, harvest gold, etc.  Not really a primary-toned RAINBOW like we'd expect from Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but anyway an array of colors.


Thanks to Angela's RSC Completion challenge, I got another one done!  See more finished quilts HERE.


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Terri said...

I love your bird quilt. (Nice visual pun with the egg fabric.)
The first paper piecing I did was a bird quilt from the "Backyard Bird Quilts" book by Jodie Davis. It was made for my daughter's birthday in 2007 (I think)before I blogged. I did make some of Lynne's birds years later. They are lots more fun.
Thanks for sharing your birds with us.