Monday, March 30, 2015


This is the piece I've been concentrating on for the past week or so.  It was a commission, and a complicated special order at that!  The buyer wanted a wallhanging in an exact size to fit into a very specific spot, so I had to resize the bear paws, and both resize and reorganize the appliques to end up at the measurements she needed. 
We started with this pattern, and she chose the fabrics (ha, which were neither scrappy nor repro!)
And LOTS of quilting was necessary to finish off a very fiddly project, although I was well-compensated for the time this took.

I will observe that "Lodge" style décor is very popular here in Big Bear Lake, and this piece will be enjoyed in its new home.  But enough of this: I'm anxious to get back to my regular piecing and repro fabrics!


Jennie in GA said...

Nice job, but I know how good it feels to have something like that out of the house.

CecileD said...

You've done a very good job Jeanne !!
And I'm sure that your return to repro fabrics will be easy !
Have a nice day !

Quiltsmiles said...

It looks great. I'm sure the owner and their guests will appreciate it for decades.