Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stars in a Time Warp

This week's topic is
Soooo, right away, the **solids** threw me -- I don't use solids a lot, so I don't have much of a selection in my stash.  Barbara Brackman's article went into further detail, describing a specific dye technology, and a particular resulting shade of green, typically used in the mid-19th century.  I'm learning a lot from this series, and hopefully improving my ability to see and appreciate vintage fabrics.  
Starting with the limited choices I had here, and doing a little bit of overdying of my own, I added some yellow to a green almost-solid that seemed too blue/modern. 
I came up with:
Here are the stars I created this week.  I used some other solid greens from my stash also, but the overdyed one on the far right seems to me to be the closest to the vintage green that was described in the article. 
To read more about overdyed green solids click HERE
To enjoy more green stars click HERE
My convention for creating these blocks is to combine the current week's color/style with the those of the three previous weeks.  This is going to be a Very Mixed set of blocks!  All my stars so far:


CecileD said...

Love your green stars !

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Love all of your stars! I was so glad to find your bog. I don't do Instagram so it has been difficult finding peolel who are following along. Hope Barbara will do a link up at the end so we can see them all.