Saturday, November 22, 2014

One thing leads to another

Earlier this month, one of my guilds started up a new mini group which will focus on wool applique. I'm late to the party with wool applique -- I know it's very popular, but I'd never  given it a try. 
So I browsed through some magazines and came up with a nice little starter project.  A trip to the thrift store gave me a few pieces of wool clothing to disassemble, dye and use for applique.  All good so far: just a few dollars in, and the stitching is easy and pleasant.
Meanwhile, the group met, and we were all inspired and excited by each other's projects.  So I spent a little more time browsing through MORE magazines for MORE projects.  And took ANOTHER trip to the thrift shop. And scheduled ANOTHER day of cutting.  
And then I discovered a site that sells wool in precut shapes.  And now I have this wonderful array of pennies in all the colors of the rainbow.  Which are enchanting to play with all by themselves, even if they don't make it into a project, right? 
And two storage tubs later, which is probably enough wool for a lifetime's worth of projects, I'm still just working on the original little mat.  Of course, I did have a lovely time visiting with the other wool ladies :)
I'll let you know how this new hobby continues to develop.

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