Thursday, June 12, 2014

RSC14 - Yellow

Plenty of YELLOW activity to share this week!
My previous YELLOW report was about a slew of 30s 9-patch blocks.  So while the 30s YELLOW bag was still dumped out on my worktable, I made a few "step" blocks for a swap that is just getting started at our
(Click over and join us of you like 30s and swaps!) 
Then I moved from my 30s scraps over to my general YELLOW/GOLD scraps.  In my case, most of these are from 1800s repros projects, so they're a bit softer, not quite as zingy and bright as the 30s 

I made this month's requisite two string stars
 The star collection is growing nicely
 And then while that bag was still out, I picked through the scraps again, this time for the brighter chrome YELLOW calico pieces. 

Plenty of those came up also, so I've launched a new "Gold Rush" project using the traditional Road to California pieced block.  More to follow on this one ... 
More YELLOW inspiration here