Saturday, September 1, 2012

New-old quilt tops

A very successful day garage-sale-ing ... these vintage 30's tops were only $10 each!  All three are hand pieced and are in clean/excellent condition.  The Dresden Plate may have been washed at some point, but the other two are "never used."   I'm absolutely delighted to have run across this trifecta of 30's quilt designs, all bundled together in a carton, tangled with some unravelling crochet yarn, next to tools and odd vases and mugs!!!  

Double Wedding Ring  82 x 82

Dresden Plate  72 x 85

Grandmother's Flower Garden  80 x 97



Anonymous said...

I would like to cantact you by email, for I haven't a blog. I?m Italian and a principiant quilter, so I need some help.
Thank you, Rina.

Leslie said...

Wow! You hit the mother lode of '30's quilts, DWR, DP and GFG, these must be the top three all time greatest. I LOVE the GFG! 10 bucks! You must've had to hide your excitement as you went to the cashier. :)

Leslie said...

I wanted to compliment you on your runners for the guild boutique, but there wasn't a link to comments?? They're lovely and nicely varied. May I ask how much they sell for?

And as I read the blackberry scone recipe my mouth literally watered. I'm going to make those tomorrow morning with blueberries! Again, there wasn't a link to comments at the bottom of that post. *shrug*

jirons42 said...

You surely hit the jackpot. Love the GFG! I'm working on a different hexie design and I hope it turns out only 1/2 as nice.

Judy said...

Wow, what a great find!! Can you imagine hand piecing those? Enjoy them :-)

2ne said...

Love all your quilts you show every month :-)