Monday, April 11, 2011

New magazine

If you're a "prim" person, this magazine is for you!  The premiere issue arrived today, and I'm delighted!

It contains seventeen projects, and I have more than half a dozen bookmarked -- a VERY high percentage for me!  I'd let all my quilt magazine subscriptions expire, because I wasn't finding much that interested me any more -- they mostly seem to contain very quick jelly-roll projects these days.  But this one has lots of inspiration, not only for quilting but also for rug hooking and stitchery. 

Off to revise my To-Do list ... several new projects to add :)

Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine



Diane said...

my copy arrived today too!! Luv it!

Alice said...

Very pretty one on the cover. I look forward to seeing what you do from this magazine.

Lori said...

I think everyone who has ordered this or loves anything prim will be happy with this new magazine.