Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mission accomplished!!

We did it!!!!  The garage sale was a success, despite rain at times.  This morning we packed up the leftovers and donated them to a local charity thrift shop.  After that, we put in a hard afternoon's work rearranging and taking yet more "stuff" to the dump ... and at long last we can actually fit a car into the garage!!!!  This is a Very Good Thing here in the land of eleven feet of snow last winter :) 

1.  Feeling sooooo tidy and organized
2.  A nice glass of Chianti with our pasta for supper
3.  Nightfall: crickets chirping, stars twinkling and the clock tower at Interlaken Center chiming in the distance



sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, good for you. It does feel good to clear things out, and doesn't the car look pretty in its little space :-).

QuiltingFitzy said...

Our garage sale is this next weekend and my living room is FULL! Who knew I could make 2 cross country moves and still have all this stuff! It's NOT coming back in either, we'll go right to a charity Saturday afternoon (and I plan to make a FREE table during the sale!)

Anxious to see a color shot of the newly painted house during fall color!

Alice said...

Wonderful! I am hoping that no one gets as much snow as last winter, but how liberating for you to be rid of stuff!

Diane said...

I luv when I clear out, rearrange and clean up a room, a closet whatever. Today I'm changing out summer/winter clothes so there's a bit of purging going on-yea!
Now you'll only have to shovel out the driveway not the car and the driveway!!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

A job well done! I remember my Grandpa's 1 car free-standing garage - if Nana wanted to go to town he would take the car out, dust it completely off with a soft cloth and then wash the car before putting it back away in the garage! Now so many people don't even park their cars in the garage. Nana & Grandpa didn't have much, but they sure did take care of what they had and that car was a huge investment! Glad your car will be parked in a snow-free zone this winter. Cheers! Evelyn