Sunday, October 18, 2009


I wish I could report that the working guys came back and finished up our dining room project ... but no: they're trying to complete their outside jobs before the weather gets cold.

And I wish I could report that I spent quality time sewing this past week ... but also, no: the autumn glory has been irresistible and I've spent as much time as possible out and about, enjoying the season.

Our favorite "antique" store. Tony was looking for a firewood basket, and I got a quirky hearth broom this time.

Oaks in color up and down the lanes.

Beautiful trees in the village -- the gray building in the lower left background is the seniors community where my Mom lives.

More amazing color -- hard to believe these are real!

This brilliant aspen is in our front yard.

A cord of firewood delivered and stacked. The gazebo has been reincarnated from garage-sale warehouse to wood shed.



sewprimitive karen said...

That all looks so pretty. What a brilliant move you made. And those really are lanes!

anne bebbington said...

There'll be plenty of time for sewing once the winter closes in - just take the time to enjoy all the delights around you while they last - fabulous colours :o)

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a grand season - glad you have time to enjoy it.

Texan said...

It is almost impossible to stay indoors when its this nice outside isn't it! Looks very pretty there where you live :O)...

That Gazebo is sure a handy multi tasking spot :O)...we too have stocked in the wood and we have even had a few fires the last week :O)...its been cooler than normal for us so we have been able to enjoy some early fires :O)

Auntie Em said...

There may not have been a lot of progress on the house or the sewing, but it looks like you spent quality time enjoying the beauties of the season.

black bear cabin said...

That little antique store looks awesome...i would love to check it out! As for all the beautiful Fall colors...enjoy them...we got cheated this year, as the 10 inches of snow turned the not yet yellow leaves no pretty colors this year :(

Meggie said...

No wonder you have been out looking at the beautiful trees, & gorgeous blue skies! How wonderful it all looks.