Sunday, October 18, 2009


I wish I could report that the working guys came back and finished up our dining room project ... but no: they're trying to complete their outside jobs before the weather gets cold.

And I wish I could report that I spent quality time sewing this past week ... but also, no: the autumn glory has been irresistible and I've spent as much time as possible out and about, enjoying the season.

Our favorite "antique" store. Tony was looking for a firewood basket, and I got a quirky hearth broom this time.

Oaks in color up and down the lanes.

Beautiful trees in the village -- the gray building in the lower left background is the seniors community where my Mom lives.

More amazing color -- hard to believe these are real!

This brilliant aspen is in our front yard.

A cord of firewood delivered and stacked. The gazebo has been reincarnated from garage-sale warehouse to wood shed.