Monday, February 11, 2019

New for February

Now that I'm over the initial distraction of new granddaughter Rhiannon, I'm ready to start concentrating in my workroom again :)  I'm undertaking two new projects this month:

First up, Barbara Brackman has just kicked off her
2019 applique sew-along series,

This quilt will feature nine blocks plus
some border options.  
Barbara's version of Block 1:

So far I've pulled fabrics and started doing applique prep.  I've decided to go with more contemporary colors this time, instead of my usual 1800s repros.  Each of my nine blocks will have similar but unique fabric combos.  I'll be doing 'freezer paper and starch' turned edge hand applique for this project 


And this sew-along caught my eye just today (SQUIRREL!)
Em's Scrapbag is offering a medallion quilt-along. 
After starting with a 24" center, each month participants will add mystery borders.
The description today rang a bell in my mind about a possible medallion center that's been aging in my stash for some time.  The last dated photo I have for those parts was 2016, but actually the bundle is all 
leftovers from  

So, a trip down to the vaults in the basement, and yes -- there it all still is!
First order of business here is to actually create my center medallion ... and then to add the first border.
Not to worry though, I still had this much coordinating fabric stored with the blocks :)

And since I'm undertaking two new starts this month, I need to offset them with at least one completion from the UFO basket.  Time to get to work! 


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