Monday, January 7, 2019

Stars in Her Crown

Barbara Brackman has launched a new sew-along:   

This series will be fast and furious, with a new block coming out every Saturday for ten weeks.  Several size and method options are offered.  Although it will conclude quickly, it will be a challenging series, definitely not for beginners :)

Each of Queen Victoria's nine children will be discussed, along with an original star block representing each of the royal offspring.  The time frame for the historical information is mid to late 1800s.  I'm going to use purples for my royal stars, specifically in the mauve-plum-puce range of purple fabrics that were available at that time. 

#1 The Princess Royal - Vicky
This week's article introduces us to Queen Victoria's first child, Victoria, The Princess Royal.  Vicky was a favorite of her parents.