Saturday, January 5, 2019

RSC19: January - RED

RSC19 -- a new year of color!  Thanks, Angela, for organizing us all yet again!  

The January challenge color is RED -- a good one for me, always plenty of red fabric happening here!  I started by sorting some miscellaneous red chunks out of the messy basket I drop stuff  down into next to my cutting table.  This is only the beginning of red scraps available here at my house! 

First I sewed couple of Burgoyne Surrounded blocks.  LOTS of pieces in these blocks, but I enjoyed making them for the Temecula Secret Santa sew-along last month, and decided to make more! The plan for these is to use the challenge color as both the focus color and the background.  The other colors will be *whatever*.    
I'm using the cutting info from the Nancy Martin Block-a-Day calendar.  With sashing these become HUGE 17" blocks, so maybe two of each color will be enough.

I also got a few red 'Northern Lights' blocks pieced.  This idea is from Pat Speth's book, Nickel Quilts.  These on yellow backgrounds will be for the WARM version, and I'll also be doing a COOL version on green backgrounds as the year's RSC colors progress.
I made another Northern Lights quilt a couple of years ago -- fast and very easy!  I'll keep sewing these till I have 'plenty', however many that turns out to be :)

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