Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Hope's Journey - Chapter 2

Hope's Journey continues.  In Chapter Two, entitled 'Forging a New Path',  we're moving from  water travel into the wilderness.  The blocks in this chapter refer to the hardships of travelling over rough trails and settling in remote surroundings.  Despite the many little triangles, the blocks all went together nicely.

The first block is called Forest Path.  It's a variation on a Bear's Paw block, which is a perennial favorite here in Big Bear :)

And another woodsy block, this one is the traditional Pine Tree.

The final block in Chapter Two is Broken Dishes -- a nod to the damage and loss that wilderness travel involved!

I'm not going to begin the Chapter Two small project at this time.  I want to finish up my Ships at Sea quilt from Chapter One first, before I bite off yet another new start.

I took another look at the final layouts offered at the end of the book, and have decided to change my goal.  The largest version of the Hope's Journey sampler quilt finishes at 60" square.  That was the one I was originally aiming for, but 60" square isn't a very useful quilt size for my purposes.  I think I'm going to work toward Setting Two (of four possibilities), which would give me a finished quilt of 52" x 68", a more practical size.  There are only a few less blocks, so I'll still be experiencing all of Hope's Journey.

Carol has been busy with her Chapter Two blocks also.  Click HERE to see her progress.

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