Monday, November 5, 2018


Lessons I've been trying to learn and embrace during this abominable era in our nation's history:

1.  Have patience and faith in our society's institutions: depend on democracy, the rule of law, the Constitution.
2.  Take pity on and have compassion for those who feel the need to act with hatred and ugliness.  Try to understand why they need to conduct themselves that way, and try to perhaps see how I might be instrumental in helping them experience a different version of their lives.
3.  Understand who my friends and allies are.  Be forgiving.  Share love and kindness.  Be humble and generous.
4.  Dig deep and know my own heart and soul … discover what I believe and why; what I might be willing to consider for compromise, and where I need to draw my line and say no.  Maintain personal sense of honor and self-respect.
5.  Paz y amor