Friday, April 6, 2018

RSC18: April - yellow/gold

Our challenge color for RSC18 - April is yellow, a nice springtime choice.  I found several yellow/gold UFOs that I might spend time with this month:

I have the first row of Temecula Quilt Company's Little Letters.  This is a cute UFO,  more 'gold' than 'yellow', but it would be fairly quick to finish.

A set of 9-patch blocks that were supposed to become a strawberry-themed Disappearing 9-patch.  This was planned as a fairly large quilt ... will take a while.  Maybe just aim to get it to flimsy stage this month?

Some miscellaneous yellow blocks, all 30s-repro fabrics.  No plan at all for these, just a selection from
my orphan box.

So let's see where I get to with any of these by the end of the month ...

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