Friday, March 30, 2018

RSC18: March - green

I finished assembling all the subunits I had started for Libby's MAGICAL MYSTERY.  I like the nine blocks I have so far -- the bright kiwi greens and orangey-melons are a pleasing color combo.  Makes me think of carrots :)  I'll continue to work on this but I got as far as I had planned to this month for RSC: March/green.
(whoops, I see that the lower right block is pinned up sideways)

Angela has announced that the RSC color for April will be yellow/gold.  I dug out some sunshiny orphan blocks that I might be able to include in a yellow project for next month. 

See more bright green projects at Scrap Happy Saturday.


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Libby in TN said...

Ooh, I REALLY like your lime/melon blocks. I think grouping them in fours was a smart idea with so many different fabrics. Did you see Jan's? She had a lot of variety and just put them randomly into a diagonal setting ... also a very good solution.