Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A new treasure

I came home from the thrift store today with
**A Good Find**. 

This hand pieced quilt top, circa 1900, was only $15!  It's approximately 70" x 82".  The ends are a bit uneven -- I guess those bias-edge diamonds got away from the maker.  But it's in really good condition, no stains and the fabrics are intact and seem strong.  The prints are all very typical turn-of-the-century shirtings.  

When I inquired about the price, the proprieter said "1899" and I asked if that was the price or the year it had been made.  I guess she must have thought I was complaining about it being too expensive.  She said "Oh, the price ... well then how about $15?"  Umm, sold!

I probably won't quilt it ... I think I'll just hang it over the stair railing for the patriotic season.


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