Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Westering Women

It's Month #11 for
-- the year is almost over!

This month we're making the Bear's Paw block, and learning about landmarks and trail markers that the pioneers ecountered along the way. 

I'm happy that I've been assembling my top as we've gone along, so when we get the final block next month, I'll add borders and my quilt will be DONE!  

Since I live in the community of Big Bear Lake, both bear's paw blocks and bears are a pretty big deal here.  This is a queen-size bear's paw quilt I made recently.


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Gayle said...

Your quilt is looking very nice - I admire your sticktoitiveness - I would probably have given up on this project about month 4! LOL I live in Utah, but my parents and siblings are all in Sacramento - I'm trying to figure out where exactly Bear Lake is in relation to that.....