Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Progress report

Mid year, so it's a good time for a progress report. I started 2016 with 36 items on my To Do list, and so far I've tackled 15 of them.  That's a decent amount accomplished!  And the only totally new projects that weren't on my radar at the beginning of the year are the Gwennie Medallion Challenge and a scrappy log cabin, so I'm doing a good job of staying on track with my own goals.  I've also finished up several miscellaneous small quilts and runners, not on the list but part of my ongoing scrap-consumption/keep-the-table-cleared-off effort :)

Shop work is a different story I'm afraid.  We decided to offer a Civil War class series which began in February, and I hurried to make ten samples for the class, which weren't on my calendar but sort of jumped ahead of everything else.  Additionally, I did a lap quilt and a few more runners to sell, but they always go as soon as we display them.  I never seem to get caught up with shop work.  And I also do longarming there two days a week, so the shop uses up a lot of my time.

All in all I'm at 34 completions for the year so far, and that's better than one a week! 

2016 To Do

1.  Red Bear Paws  Feb 
2.  Blue Stars Brackman
3.  30s Steps   
4.  1800s -Union Blues 
5.  Gold Rush 
6.  Wintergreen applique
7.  History BOM 
8.  Wonderful Life prim
9.  Rainbow Birds

1800s - Threads of Memory Brackman 
1800s - scrappy log cabin - top done
1800s - Multi Stars Brackman - top done
1800s - Circa 2016 - top done
1800s - Westering Women Brackman - ongoing
1800s - History Repeated Blindman’s Fancy - I made one sample block :)
1800s - History Repeated Ohio Star
1800s - Sunny Lanes have 16 blocks @ 12”
30s - Vendemmia purple bullseyes - blocks done
30s - brown rickrack
30s - Applesauce 
30s - Strawberry Fields 
30s - July Fourth 30s

RSC - Crackers
RSC -  Mini Bows

Modern - Gwennie Medallion - ongoing
Modern - Small World Kingwell

Appl  - Vintage Dresdens 18 blocks @ 15” on celadon
Appl - Ruby Red Dots – Dec
Appl - Juniper and Mistletoe - Dec

Morris Hexathon Brackman - ongoing
Christmas Hexies
Red Hexies

BBQG 2017 opportunity quilt -  Woodland Christmas 
BBQG BOM  - pink + black 
BBQG BOM  - 1800s scrappy 
BBQG  - Bonnie’s Scrappy - w/Tulip Farm
BBQG - Jill's Promise Stitching
FB BOM  - Scrappy Row x Row -  ongoing


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Linda P in IL said...

thought you were going to do the 1857 album..I'm plugging along..but have been pretty busy trying to keep up with Splendid Sampler..